Short-term subleasing booming in major cities, but are most sublets illegal

Websites like,, and make it easy for tenants to violate their lease.

New results show that as short-term subleases are becoming more popular in major cities, the amount of illegal subletting is also increasing at an alarming rate. The rise in short-term subletting can be attributed to the success of major vacation rental listing sites like, and These sites make it easy for tenants to list their unit for a short-term sublease throughout their current lease term, even though for most tenants this activity is strictly forbidden in their current lease.

Monitoring this activity is difficult for property management. There are multiple listing websites and listings do not always display exact addresses or unit numbers. Since it is easy for users of the listing websites to take down and/or put up listings, it becomes a daily chore for all property managers to monitor this activity or risk missing this illegal activity. Most property managers can not keep up with it, and instead have to deal with the issues that arise after the subletting occurs.

Sublet Notify, a web based software company, has released a sublease monitoring service that provides daily policing services to apartment buildings, condo associations, HOA’s, and rental property owners. Sublet Notify has created a proprietary method to check for subleasing activity at your property and provide detailed reporting to property managers, so they can stop subleasing activity before it happens.

Features of the online monitoring service include a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring multiple properties as well as customizable email alerts so you can always stay informed. Sublet Notify has been designed for both large companies with multiple properties and property managers as well as single property rentals. All new users are given a 14 day free trial and the option to cancel anytime before or during their subscription. To begin your free trial, visit

First Published: April. 17th, 2016
Last Update: April. 17th, 2016