Property Management Faces New Threat With Rise of Short-Term Subletting

New sublease monitoring service helps property management fight back

Websites like,, and are increasing in popularity, especially in major cities across the United States and around the world. More and more people are signing up online to rent out their homes, condos and apartments for a few days to earn some extra cash. Who are these people listing their places for short-term vacation renting? In major cities, a lot of these people are renters who are illegally listing their unit, condo or home for sublease.

The popularity of these sites has attracted an eco-system of subsidiary services including professional short-term leasing companies. These companies typically rent condos or apartments under the pretense of a corporate lease and then sublease the property on vacation rental sites like,, and These professional listing companies pose a serious threat to the security and management of the property.

Sublet Notify, a web-based software company, has launched a new sublease monitoring service. Property management can create an account and monitor a single property or multiple properties for subletting activity. The proprietary software created by Sublet Notify searches listing sites every day, 365 days a year, and provides detailed reporting to help you identify and prevent subletting activity before it happens. To start a 14 day free trial, visit

First Published: April. 17th, 2016
Last Update: April. 17th, 2016