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How It Works

Sublet Notify makes it easy for property managers, condo associations and homeowner associations to keep track of subleasing activity surrounding their properties. We search AirBnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and many other popular listing sites for the closest listing to your property. If a listing is found range, you get notified! Your user dashboard makes it easy to manage and monitor mulitple properties around the clock and on-the-go.

Daily Scans

We scan major listing sites like AirBnb, HomeAway & VRBO.

Instant Alerts

If listings are within your desired range, you receive an email alert.


Manage multiple properties in a user-friendly dashboard.

Easy Setup

Get your properties up and running in less than two minutes.

100% Free For Property Management

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At Your Fingertips

Whether you are at the office or on-the-go, Sublet Notify is designed to make it easy to stay on top of subleasing activity surrounding your properties.


Monitor all your addresses on your dashboard and get in-depth info about surrounding listings.


The dashboard has been designed with your tablet and mobile devices in mind. No app download required.

Multiple Properties

Easily add and manage multiple properties in your account. Control the alerts you receive on each property.

100% Free

Use the powerful features of Sublet Notify at no charge for property management.

Sublet Notify User Dashboard
Addresses Monitored
Listings Found

All The Benefits

Property managers, condo and home-owner associations, and invidividuals all love Sublet Notify because it is a helpful, easy-to-use notification service. We check multiple sites including AirBnb, Homeaway, and VRBO for sublease listings 7 days a week!

Better Relationships

Eliminate strain in your relationships with your tennants and residents with preventative sublease notifications.

Enhanced Security

Unregistered subleases pose a serious security threat for your tennants and residents. Keep your property secure.

Subleasing Analytics

We help you keep track of muliple properties and provide enhanced subleasing statistics at all your locations.

Photo Proof

We provide photos of the listing and the person who listed when a potential violation is discovered at your property.

Multiple Properties

You can have an unlimited amount of properties that you monitor and check each day for sublease listings.

Custom Dashboard

Your dashboard lets you view all your properties as well as specific info about each listing. Flagging violations is easy.

100% Free Service

Get access to all features at no charge.

Pricing? It's Free!

Perfect for small businesses as well as companies who need to monitor multiple properties around the US and world.

Get unlimted free access to all features.

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